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Resideo Life Care Solutions Releases Updates to LifeStream Clinical Software and Genesis Touch Patient Tablet

As Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) increases its support for remote physiological monitoring (RPM), Resideo Life Care Solutions has updated its clinical dashboard with three new reports to make it easier to compile and report data required for CMS reimbursement*.

  • Setup Visit Report – Track setup and training meetings between a care provider and a patient, and show all patients eligible for reimbursement within the report period after 16 days of monitoring has occurred.
  • RPM Report – Report when patients have been actively monitored for at least 30 days.
  • Communications Report – Report the minutes of interactive communications logged between a care provider and a patient during a month or any other time period of your choice.

In addition, Resideo Life Care Solutions has updated the user interface for the Genesis Touch touchscreen tablet to make it easier for patients to use and submit their vitals. The enhancements include

  • Updated and larger fonts for better visibility
  • Clean white background for greater contrast, designed to meet accessibility guidelines
  • Larger menu buttons and navigation
  • Refreshed icons, color-coding and additional text labels
  • Customization of background images on the idle screen between monitoring sessions

Resideo Life Care Solutions has added more Bluetooth™ LE devices to its compatibility list. Visit this link for the complete list.


Resideo Life Care Solutions is celebrating 20 years of providing connected care, as part of the Resideo Techologies, Inc., family of software-focused solutions. Our remote health management solution helps individuals improve their health and quality of their life while reducing the cost of healthcare.

In October 2018, Resideo (NYSE: REZI) was spun off from Honeywell, and consists of Honeywell Home products businesses, ADI Global Distribution and a breadth of software offerings, including healthcare-focused offerings from Resideo Life Care Solutions. With a presence in 150 million homes, Resideo reflects our strong heritage, and a focus on continuing to deliver connected solutions that help people feel secure, comfortable and cared for in their homes.

This is the second LifeStream product update this year from Resideo. Don’t miss out, request a demo today: Visit this link for more information and to get in touch with us about this latest release.

More Resideo information and media contact information may be found via or

*Reference Current Procedural Terminology CPT® codes 99453, 99454 and 99457 for more detail. CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

A quick tour of the new patient interface. For more information, request a demo to speak with a Territory Manager.

Larger touchscreen telehealth monitor buttons

Although the monitor automatically walks patients through a health monitoring session at a scheduled time, patients may also retest.

Customize the display of the Genesis Touch telemonitor in between health monitoring sessions, while reminding patients of their next scheduled reading.

Updated idle screen

Larger easy-to-read telehealth monitor touchscreen buttons: Take your readings, watch video education and engage in video visits with care providers.

Larger touchscreen telehealth monitor buttons, easier to read high contrast

High contrast patient education displays over a white background, with audio prompts, on the Genesis Touch telemonitor to walk patients through taking a reading.

Easy to read visual instruction on monitoring health

Easy to read health monitoring results on the Genesis Touch telemonitor.

Easier to read health monitor results screen